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8 Career-Related Tattoos - Fairygodboss

8 Career-Related Tattoos - Fairygodboss Until recently, tatuierungs were seen as unprofessional and even prevented some people from getting job offers if theywere showing in an interview. But in 2018, tattoos are seen as not only an art form, but a way of expressing yourself.Tattoos are often sentimental. People get tattoos of things that mean something to them like their mothers signature, their childhood address, or the anthroponym of their husband or wife. I mean, people have even begun getting tattoos of a ring on their ring finger rather than purchasing an actual band. And now, tattoos dedicated to ones career are becoming even more popular.Tattoos can be classy and professional, as well as a great way of expressing your passion in life. Weve hunted down the best career-related tattoos for some common fields to give you some serious inspiration.1. The perfect tattoofor doctorsSource PinterestThis dainty tattoo shows the passion it takes to bea medical professional. The stethosco pe is a common symbol for doctors, and this individual had hers placed on the left side of her body, near her heart. To personalize this tattoo, you could replace the heart shaped out of the stethoscope with a symbol of your own medical specialization.2. An artistic tattoofor hairstylistsSource PinterestHairstylists are artists themselves. Their careers require exactlythe creativity and detail that this tattoo required. But if youre looking for something smaller, another popular hairstylist-related tattoo is the outline of a pair of scissors on the index and middle fingers.3. A dainty tattoofor clothing designersSource PinterestWe love the simplicity of this tattoo. You could make it smaller or larger, depending on your taste, and place it anywhere on your body. Another tattoo possibilityfor designers include sketches from your sketchbook, which look amazingly simplistic and truly showcase your special talent.4. A tiny tattoofor photographersSource PinterestThis tiny tattoo of a cam era could be placed anywhere on ones body. Its easily concealable if youneed to conceal it for work, butit still perfectly depicts yourpassion for being a photographer.5. A simple tattoofor nursesSource PinterestWe love the pop of color on this tattoo. And the simple way in which it is personalized from other healthcare professional tattoosby adding the RN at the end. Nursetattoos could also include a stethoscope or an old-fashioned nurses hat.6. A sweet tattoofor teachersSource PinterestAnother simple, yet easily understood tattoo. This particular design would look great anywhere on the body, andit could be donein color. Other options for teachers include a pencil, a book, or cute ABC blocks.7. An edgy tattoofor scientistsSource PinterestThis molecular structure reflects ones career as a scientist of any sort. Its unique and a bit edgy and we especially love thisplacement behind the womans ear.8. A classic tattoofor musiciansSource PinterestThis musical note is both glattzngig and understated. Its perfect for the musician wanting to express her love for music on her body. Other musician-related tattoos could include the particular instrument you play, or a few notes from your favorite song.

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The Most Overlooked Solution for Math Tutor Resume

The Most Overlooked Solution for Math Tutor Resume French tutors are in demand for a variety of ages. Helping the students enhance their study skills. Our tutor resume samples are able to help you compose the ideal document. In the event youre less good in a work application as you are with numbers, weve prepared a Math Tutor resume sample that is likely to make everything as simple as 1-2-3. It could be quite so helpful because the sample will direct you in producing yur own personal model of resume. Utilize our tutor resume samples to boost your odds of locating a desirable position. There are samples offered in the Resume Templates that can be access anytime and prepared to download at no cost. Resumes may be organized in a number of ways. They need to be updated frequently. Writing the Resume There are lots of resumes employed for job application. Math Tutor Resume Secrets That No One Else Knows About High school is an amazing likelihood of students to get started gaining work experience. Resumes ought to be constantly increased, custom-made and edited in an effort to satisfy the demands of the work seeker. To learn more on what it requires to be a Math Tutor, have a look at our complete Math Tutor Job Description. If this is the case, you can some excess money for a Tutor. You will need a Tutor Resume that will stick out from the remainder of the applicants. A tutor can pinpoint an important area in a given subject that was beyond the youngsters capability to comprehend and make what seemed like a mountain become a molehill. Clear and concise communication is crucial for being a tutor, and a skill that will assist you in your career also. To compose a job-winning resume isnt such an effortless endeavor. As its possible to craft your tutor CV, there are a number of critical things regarding content and formatting to bear in mind. In case you have any questions or concerns, please dont hesitate to Contact Us. Thus, you always need to think about seeking advice before writing it. By applying the reverse chronology format, the man reviewing your resume will get to find the most crucial details at once. Resumes give potential employers a means to learn about applicants quickly and readily, and theyre your very first step toward new job opportunities. Posting resumes may be very tiresome and time-consuming.

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The Orwellian Lobotomy

The Orwellian Lobotomy NEWSPEAK NO EVILThe seepage of Newspeak into hiring and daily life Do you know that Newspeak is the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year?Symes, a state philologist, in Orwells 1984A clean-cut fresh-faced recent graduate abruptly stops gushing about the job you are interviewing him for to reluctantly admit under yur questioning that indeed he was previously arrested for looting during a riot. As part of his predictable expression of regret, he repeats what he has already endlessly repeated to shamed parents, other recruiters, puzzled friends, the versicherungspolice and to his former employer My friends were egging me on as they shot iPhone video. It just seemed so cool at the moment. I got caught up in it.What neither he nor any of themand perhaps even yourealize is that he has just had a Newspeak moment in your office on the heels of and as a reflection of an earlier Newspeak moment he had during the chaos of the riot. What this means is that because of coarse conceptualization, he is unable now and was unable then to make crucial distinctions that would have provided the kind of insight and guidance required to avert that disaster. Even though he may belatedly recognize the concepts and distinctions once they are presented to him, because he would never use them himself, they might as well not exist.The Menace of Mind ShrivelWithout the active or passive vocabulary to distinguish fame from infamy, publicity from notoriety, being famous from being infamous and being spontaneous from being rash during the riot, he was susceptible to the temptations of the mob (which he failed to distinguish from a party). Likewise, in only belatedly appreciating the difference and predictable connection between being caught up and being caught, he wrongly imagines he has offered you some kind of extenuation of his actions, as though being caught up, which is somehow cool and in his vocabulary, conceptually or in practice doesnt correlate with getting caught.He is another victim of Newspeak.Youthe Source, or the Target of Newspeak?Newspeak (new+ speak), the shriveled, thought-obstructing, mind-controlling version of English described In George Orwells dystopian novel 1984 is generally and rightly regarded as an iconic menacebut primarily, as Orwell (whose real personenanthroponym was Eric Arthur Blair) himself conceived it, as a politically repressive tool and weapon developed and utilized by the totalitarian State. Now, almost thirty years later, the question to ask is to what degree has Orwells prediction come true and who is responsible for that?The possibility that Newspeak might instead or also be a creation of, rather than only a yoke imposed upon, the masses flips the cart and horse, and puts the onus of responsibility and blame on the ordinary citizen as a source, rather than as only the target of that kind o f linguistic lobotomy. If this is true, then, as part of the masses, you maywilly-nillyin your day-to-day operations be setting the stage for or raising the curtain on the expansion of Newspeak (as will be illustrated below), as you fail to notice that for every new hi-tech term you learn, there are scores or maybe hundreds of venerable, useful concepts and words that Newspeak-free minds used to know and use that you dont. Moreover, if other psychologically, morally, politically or socially important concepts you recognize are never used by you, you are functionally operating within a framework of Newspeak.That possibility allowedif a massive dumbing-down of the masses could be self-inflicted, with or without State connivance or conspiracy, it is but a short step to consider the further possibility that not only has Newspeak already arrived, but that it is being created by those whom it controls, namely, almost everybody, including you, unless you happen to be among the Illuminati-a ffiliated, mass-media or pop-culture true controllers.In the 1984 super-state of Oceania, clear thinking about politics, morality, culture, society and just about everything else is deliberately impeded by the imposition of a totalitarian State-created language, Newspeak, supplemented by daze-and-trance inducing, infantile drivel-lyrics of pop-tunes and ditties-of-the-day (much like those of today). This mind-controlling stripped-down, concocted version of English was designed to express far fewer concepts, distinctions, analogies, critiques, logical inferences, examined acronyms, nuances, subtleties and insights than conventional English can.Citizen evaluation of government policies and social mores was thereby reduced to little more than orchestrated grunts of approval or disapproval, e.g., doubleplusgood (which can be usefully compared to our modern epithet cool) and ungood. Gone and blocked were any understanding of right, prudent, expedient, effective, generally approved and di fferentiation of ansicht from each other and the contrasting concepts State-sponsored and decreed.Newspeak Shrink-Wrapped MindsAs the character Syme, a state philologist, puts it in 1984,After all, what justification is there for a word which is simply the opposite of some other word? A word contains its opposite in itself. Take good, for instance. If you have a word like good, what need is there for a word like bad? Ungood will do just as wellbetter, because its an exact opposite, which the other is not. Or again, if you want a stronger version of good, what sense is there in having a whole string of vague useless words like excellent and splendid and all the rest of them? If that argument is correct, why have words like immoral, amoral and non-moral, when unmoral will suffice to cover them all and condemn someone who has been charged with what would previously have been called a non-moral offense, e.g., criticizing the government , but is now adjudged unmoral and no different fro m immoral? Doubleplusungood can replace them all, including unmoral. Likewise, who needs a minority racial or ethnic identity when White and Unwhite or Black and Unblack are enough? In the heat of the moment and near the flames of a burning police cruiser, it can all seem doubleplusgood (i.e., cool), without any regard for or recall of the distinction between morally good and viscerally good. (Notice how cool, just like Orwells doubleplusgood, never encourages moral reflection or restraint.)Reducing the number of words in a language is but one Newspeak trick eliminating the spaces between them is another. For example, Newspeak itself is written as one word, presumably to discourage thinking about other possibilities, such as Old Speak, and perhaps subversively yearning for it.facebook inc as NewspeakThe same obfuscating trick can be observed in what is among the most popular modern recruiting tools facebook inc. Compare recruiting on Facebook with hypothetical recruiting on Face Boo k. Notice how Facebook as a seamless conceptual unit discourages, while Face Book encourages imagining a competing alternative, e.g., Place Book (of job openings). In fact Placebook existsand as an explicitly recruiting-focused website. It is an overseas teacher job-placement site, viz., (The fact that URLs tend to be seamless in this way makes domain registration services pawns or propagators of Newspeak.)Confirming that one should never judge a Facebook by its marketing cover, at the subliminal level, fusing face and book in Facebook brilliantly obscures the fact that Facebook is neither a book nor a collection of books, while promoting the comforting and addictive illusion that it is equivalent to and a substitute for real books and reading. Moreover, by fusing face and book, Facebook implants a powerful mental and emotional association between previously rather disparate things, in a kind of Orwellian doublethinkthe power to hold two contradictory ideas in one s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them (1984, Chapter 2), like War is Peace and the idea that the past is what we today say it was. In pre-Newspeak, looking at a face and reading a book were quite disparate Facebook makes them synonymous in a War is Peace oxymoronic way.To see the grip that this contradictory, unconventional juxtaposition of concepts has on the masses, ask any teenager to add one word to this one book. Odds are that the result will be face, not Domesday Book (described as the oldest public record in English history and probably the most important statistical document in the history of Europe), or paperback book or even the slightly longer kids story The Jungle Book. Nice marketing, Facebook great Newspeak.20th-Century NewspeakThe switch from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC in 1991 came across as a Newspeak distraction or inhibition of awareness, by concealing the word fried and its negative health associations from consciousness, much as 1984s Minitru blunt s any critical thought about and challenges to what it represents The truth-manufacturing and destroying Ministry of Truth. (Note how much easier it would be to sell an unsuspecting vegan on the idea of working for or eating at a franchise called something like KFC than at one called something like Kentucky Fried Chicken, which since 2007 has been restored as the brand name and, of course, after the company eliminated artery-clogging (Newspeakish) trans fat (trans-fatty acids) from its North American recipes.)An institutionalized repression of expression, Newspeak, as conceived by Orwell, represented a future government artifice and control technique that would effectively replace the need for external, brute-force, boot-force suppression of dissent and debate with psychologically internalized obstruction of it. Although conceived by Orwell decades before 1984, manifestations of Newspeak were evident in that eponymous year. For example, in 1984, If English had no word for truce or n egotiation, it would have forgivably seemed to everyone that Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwaters Vietnam War mantra The only alternative to victory is defeat indeed enumerated and exhausted all possible Newspeak war policy optionsin both the year and one of its forms Orwell had presciently predicted.However, ancient harbingers of Newspeak can be found in the worlds oldest cultures For millennia, the Japanese, having had no concept of privacy, apparently never demanded, idealized, discussed or otherwise thought about it, until the last century, when, at last, puraibashi entered their lexicon.The Latest Newspeak Blinders and Blundersfruchtwein recently, widespread confusion and silence has resulted from the current apparent inability of some major media news networks to grasp the distinction between pending legislated authorization of indefinite military detention without trial of (non-)citizens and the pending companion legislated requirement of indefinite military deten tion of non-citizens, again, without trialtwo (or maybe four) concepts separated by and possibly separating those detained without trial from a legal abyss. Failing to recognize and correctly articulate the distinction between authorize and require, most news coverage and analysis of this hotly debated and important issue has, so far, been mere unnews, to coin a Newspeaky term.Can you imagine not grasping the difference between being authorized to hire candidate X and being required to hire him and also discovering that your HR department cant articulate it to help you comprehend it?As one of the clearest and perhaps the most engaging analysis of this issue, The Daily Shows Jon Stewart take aired on December 7, 2011 is hard to beat or forget, including for its implicit lampooning of Newspeak when Stewart points out that, in the War on Terror, terror can never surrender and end the war (an allusion to the Newspeak technique of stretching and distorting the meaning of war by obliterat ing the distinction between a nation-State, viz., Iraq and a psychological state (small s), viz., terror, as conceivable enemies.)Despite the humor-tinged spin of Stewarts warning, the ominous, very unfunny and spreading Orwellian application of this casual use of war blatantly surfaced in a December 21, 2011 CNN interview with a Louisiana state representative, who is calling for the Louisiana National Guard to be indefinitely deployed in the streets of New Orleans after a 2-year-old child was killed in a drive-by shooting. The justification for the dangerous militarization of civilian policing, Chile style? The crime was, he said, unacceptable behavior and because we are at war, although with only a a few select people who commit such heinous crimes and who are creating a negative environment. He added that when you are at war (even with only a few individuals), you have to bring in the soldiers. (Even for a war on drugs, a war on terror or a war on obesity?)Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up NewspeakThe evidence suggests that if things are changing, the change has not worked against the entrenchment of Newspeak. Conceptual and critical precision are asor perhaps moreendangered today asor thanthey were in Orwells 1984 and Goldwaters 1984. The difference is that, in 2011, Newspeak-style amputation of communication is, irrespective of any possible government conspiracy to further it, being initiated from below as well as from above.The dumbing-down of non-fiction discourse, including writing, e.g., the triumph of mass-media news sound bites over deep and sustained commentary the functional illiteracy of millions the need for remedial reading and compulsory critical thinking courses the texting assault on the expression of complete thoughts the transformation of formerly hardcore-science Scientific American magazine into something like a puffy Readers Digest version of itself distraction by every sort of stimulation that doesnt require thinking about it the displacement of thought by celebrity gossip and the disappearance of leisurely contemplation and reflection are all contributing to the truncation of the amount of time and energy that should be put into thought and communication.Multicultural Newspeak Whenever I go for a walk along Vancouvers sea wall, about half of the overheard conversations are in some language other than EnglishRussian, Chinese, Korean, Czech, French, Italian, you name it. (Too much of the rest is dumbed-down Valley Girl/Boy moronic English.) It was the same in London, years ago, when I lived there. That diversity is part of the vibrancy and charm of both places.Similarly, among your colleagues and others who come into your office there are probably those for whom their first language is not English, but who, nonetheless, not only manage, but frequently excel in it. Still, it is not reasonable to expect all of them to have a perfect grasp of every English nuance. That perfect grasp can be observed, but not as a rule. Cracking a subtly-nuanced or culture-bound joke will often immediately reveal this, e.g., What happens to worn-out hockey pucks in Canada? Answer They are iced.a delicious paradox, given the ambiguity of iced, but one wasted on anyone unfamiliar with its dual meaning.So, because of the influence of this kind of cross-cultural No-speak, Newspeak is gaining another foothold, albeit a totally understandable and innocent one, as subtle distinctions and nuances of shared, but only imperfectly shared, languages are lost. At least No-speak has no insidious motivation such as brainwashing/shriveling or the undesirable consequence of reducing contact with foreign, differently-minded cultures, as did Orwells politically-motivated and implemented Newspeak.Nonetheless, the modern and future blending of Nospeak and Newspeak means that the kind of fully expressive, reflective and critical language that used to characterize language is likely to become increasingly rare. This may be inevitable and not only because of Big Brother schemes to dumb us all down, but also because of our own mental laziness and mass-cultural distractions that make deep and precise thoughta Big Bother.

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Customize this Outstanding Catalog Model Resume Sample

Customize this Outstanding Catalog Model Resume SampleCustomize this Outstanding Catalog Model Resume SampleCreate Resume Anna Jones100 Broadway LaneNew Parkland, CA, 91010Cell (555) 987-1234example-emailexample.comProfessional SummaryDynamic and physically fit Catalog Model with a strong understanding of angles and lighting methods. Able to listen to constructive feedback and make changes to increase the happiness of clients. More than five years experience delivering quality results during catalog shoots across the country.Core QualificationsPhysically FitTakes Constructive FeedbackGirl Next Door LookProduct ModelingClothing ModelingDecision MakingExperienceCatalog Model, December 2013 May 2015California Models, Inc. Los Angeles, CAModeled a wide range of clothing for major manufacturers, including jeans, shoes and formal wearOccasionally walked in runway shows designed to bring attention to catalogsRemained in peak physical shape, which allowed clothing to fit betterMaintained a positive attitude even during the longest of shootsWorked with photographers and assistants to keep shoots running smoothlyCatalog Model, October 2010 November 2013Consolidated Catalogs of America Sacramento, CAWorked on both indoor and outdoor shoots to promote clothing and products for sale in dozens of catalogsTook part in one on one photo shoots with a photographer and shoots with larger groupsHandled shoots ranging in length from one hour to more than 10 hoursAsked questions about products and learned more to better showcase those itemsReceived a Model of the Year Award in 2011Developed a keen understanding of how to work with the light to deliver better photograpsEducation2011 High School Diploma, General StudiesSacramento High School Sacramento, CACustomize Resume

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Becoming an Air Force Recruiter

Becoming an Air Force RecruiterBecoming an Air Force RecruiterBecoming an Air Force recruiter can be the fruchtwein challenging and gratifying job you will ever have. Only the best need apply. The development and maintenance of our national defense structure require a steady flow of highly-qualified and motivated young men and women to perform the multitude of jobs required in the Air Force today and tomorrow. Recruiters are responsible for the number and quality of young men and women who enlist and begin their Air Force careers. There are few jobs in the Air Force more challenging, satisfying, and rewarding as Air Force Recruiting. A more vital enlisted profession does not exist in the United States Air Force. Top personnel from a variety of career fields are selected for recruiting duty. The ideal applicant is an Air Force member who is sincerely motivated to be a recruiter and is willing to accept any geographical area. However, we know many applicants are motivated primarily by a desire to serve in a specific geographical area or by dissatisfaction with the area where they presently serve. Geographical preferences are the first criteria used in making initial assignment matches. If there are no suitable volunteers, then fruchtwein eligible non-volunteer will be chosen according to AFPC selection criteria. Tour of Duty for Recruiters Recruiting duty is a 3-year, controlled tour. Under the Recruiter Extension Program, recruiters have the option to extend for 1 year at a time. Although stability is one of the most attractive features of recruiting duty, there are associated constraints. Once distributions-mixd in a stabilized status, individuals normally remain in that status until completion of the entire tour.While in stabilized status, recruiters are ineligible to volunteer for overseas assignment, retraining, technical school, etc., except when the application coincides with scheduled rotation.Generally speaking, recruiters are not assigned out of Rec ruiting Service before completion of the tour except for humanitarian reassignment, discharge, or retirement. A recruiter may be moved from one drehort to another within Recruiting Service. Such internal moves are necessary due to program changes, reorganization, and assignments to career broadening or career progression positions. Normal Air Force permanent change of station (PCS) or permanent change of assignment (PCA) guidelines apply. Financial Aspects of Recruiting Duty Living in civilian communities where commissary, exchange, medical, and other government facilities are not readily available is more expensive than being on or near an Air Force base. Recruiters receive special duty assignment pay (SDAP - $375.00 per month). However, this pay is not designed to offset the expenses associated with living off base. SDAP is authorized and intended to attract and retain NCOs to the responsibilities of recruiting duties. Also, authorized out-of-pocket expenses associated with th e recruiting job are reimbursable up to certain limits. Off-duty employment for recruiters assigned to any recruiting office is strictly prohibited. Prospective recruiters must be able to subsist on their military pay. If you are having financial problems now, recruiting duty is not the place to try and recover. Recruiter Expectations Because recruiting is a sales profession, the recruiter must tailor daily activities to the availability of prospective applicants and community influencers. It often requires irregular hours and some periods of TDY away from home. For instance, an applicant may want you to come to their home to make a presentation. The applicants parents may also want to hear the information, and if 830 p.m. is the best time, then you are expected to accommodate. Additionally, many applicants will only be available on weekends, and you will have to be available then, too. Covering large geographical areas is another time absorber. In some cases, the territory cov ered is so large that TDY to what we call an itinerary office is necessary. To put it simply, as an Air Force recruiter, you must be willing to live the Air Force core values of Service before Self at all times. But this is only the tip of the sword. You will also be expected to interact with civic and community organizations, establish rapport with school officials, and direct an effective school visitation plan. Some other exciting activities include participating in parades and other special events, creating community awareness, and soliciting assistance from the local media in promotion of the Air Force. Goals (Quotas) Successfully meeting monthly recruiting goals is vital to the Air Force mission. Millions of dollars are committed to the basic military and technical training programs in the Air Force. Obtaining sufficient quality recruits and other applicants to fill Air Force personnel requirements can be a challenge. Competition from other armed services and the private sector is keen, and recruiters must work hard to attain their assigned recruiting goals. Therefore, it is important that applicants for recruiting duty understand the goal system to prevent inaccurate assumptions. Air Force personnel requirements are given to Recruiting Service in the form of program goals for enlisted accession (EA), line officers (Officer Training School), health care professionals (physicians, nurses, etc.), applicants for Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) scholarships and others as required. Recruiters are assigned goals on a monthly, quarterly and annual fundament in one or more of these programs. Applicant quality is very important, and the mental, physical and moral qualifications are high, especially in the enlisted accession program where all new recruiters start. Production goals are based on a detailed market analysis of the recruiters assigned area and are as fair and equitable as possible. Monthly productivity is carefully analyzed and e valuated. Every recruiter has sufficient market to achieve his or her assigned goals. Recruiters who meet or exceed goals are properly recognized, and those who fail to achieve goal requirements are evaluated to determine the reason and then provided additional training as necessary. Contrary to popular belief, recruiters Enlisted Performance Reports (EPRs)isnot based solely on attainment of assigned goals. Additional training and assistance are much preferred over reassignment and getting a replacement. However, if productivity evaluations show the recruiter is not doing the job due to lack of effort, then appropriate relief actions may be taken. The goal assignment system used by recruiting managers is more closely monitored than work allocation systems used in most other Air Force specialties. Even with this goal emphasis, no other Air Force job similarly allows individuals to establish their relative success in competition with other NCOs. It is truly a challenging and refreshi ng experience. The recruiter plans the work, and then works the plandirect supervision is usually very limited. Eligibility An applicant must Be SRA thru MSgt and have 17 orfeweryears time in service (TIS). All applicants must be career committed, regardless of Air Force specialty code (AFSC) or assignment status.Be qualified in his or her AFSC. Must not have any 3 (or less) enlisted performance reports (EPRs) within the last three reporting periods.Have appropriate time on station (TOS) before applying. However, waivers are authorized for CONUS assignments. Overseas members must be within one year of established DEROS to apply.Have a minimum physical profile of 2-2-2-2-2-1 and minimum dental classification of II. Any waiver must be requested and fully documented. Be outstanding in appearance, military bearing, conduct and past performance. Waivers for conditions that detract from outstanding personal appearance, shaving waivers, etc., will not be granted. A Body Fat Measurement (BFM) waiver will be considered on an individual basis. Air Force recruiters must meet or exceed AFI 36-2903 standards.Have a valid state drivers license. Method of Selection Recruiters are chosen from two sources, volunteers and selectees. Volunteers are the preferred method of selection. However,if a requirement remains unfilled, the Recruiter Selection Process mandates that AFPC select the most eligible member to fill these requirements. If you meet the eligibility criteria referenced in the above section and have been on station more than 8 years you are vulnerable for selection by AFPC. The Recruiter Screening Team screens all applications for recruiting duty. This screening process is purposely rigorous and extensive, designed to ensure the best possible person/job match and the likelihoodofsuccess as an Air Force Recruiter. This process includes review of candidates application, EPR history, credit check, AMJAM check, medical records review of member/family, Unit Command ers Recommendation, and an extensive interview/assessment process. Potential applicants will be administered the Emotional Quotient Inventory and the Emotional Quotient Interview, which will be scored against the profile of successful recruiters to determine potential skill match for recruiting duty. Every effort will be made to place selected applicants in their areas of preference. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, if youre a volunteer, you will not be assigned to a location without your consent. Under no circumstances should any PCS planning be made until official assignment notification by AFPC. Recruiting School Applicants selected for a recruiting assignment receive assignment instructions through their MPF, to include orders for the TDY to the 7-week Recruiting School at Lackland AFB, Texas. Upon successful completion of the recruiting course, new recruiters will return to their duty stations and process for a normal PCS move. For more information about th e Recruiting School, go to theirweb recruiting course is one of the most challenging courses in the Air Force and requires extra effort and sincere desire. Standards at the Recruiting School are high. Duration of the course is 7 weeks (8 hours a day, 5 days a week). There is a lot of homework and study. Instruction includes Air Force benefits and entitlements, program selection criteria, advertising and promotion, community relations, speech, and salesmanship. There are several graded exercises, including written examinations, speeches, and sales presentations. Sales presentations are timed, simulated situations in which the student is the recruiter and the instructor is the prospective recruit. Speeches are 8 to 12 minutes and are persuasive presentations directed at simulated audiences, such as civic groups and high school students.

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3 Common Salary Negotiation Scenarios and What You Can Learn From Them

3 Common Salary Negotiation Scenarios and What You Can Learn From Them3 Common Salary Negotiation Scenarios and What You Can Learn From ThemEntering into a salary negotiation with an employer can be an awkward and anxiety-inducing experience. But by taking the time to properly prepare, youll not only put yourself in a position to get the best deal possible, youll help calm jittery nerves.Following are two examples of how a salary negotiation can go awry and one that went well. All three anecdotes provide valuable lessons on how to conduct yourself during a salary negotiation so you achieve the best result.Going in unpreparedSamantha landed a job interview for a copywriter position. In the middle of the job interview, the hiring manager surprised herbei by asking about her salary expectations. Having not given it sufficient thought prior to the interview, Samantha welches quick to say $45,000 (a couple thousand more than she currently earns). She thought nothing of it until she was f ormally offered the role after a follow-up interview. Sally then did some research and realized that with her two years of experience she could be earning between $46,750 and $70,000. Unfortunately, she felt she had already boxed herself in.Lesson Do your research prior to even a first interview. While its generally best to let the employer broach the subject of salary, its smart to enter the meeting with a range in mind in case the discussion turns to compensation. You can find out what your skills and experience are worth by reviewing industry resources such as The Creative Group Salary Guide.Getting personalDave was offered a new position as a marketing manager with his current employer. Dave has been with the company since he graduated college four years ago. He was keen to make a bigger dent in his student loans. During the salary negotiation discussion, Dave mentioned the loans and asked for more money.Lesson Keep it professional. Employers are not interested in your personal finances. When asking for a higher salary, Dave should have focused on highlighting concrete examples of the value hes added to the organization.Considering the big pictureSean is a skilled art director with more than five years of experience. He recently received two job offers for about the same starting pay. One offer came from a small firm where he could see himself grow and prosper the other opportunity came with a higher starting salary at a more established firm. Sean knew that the smaller agency wouldnt be able to beat the higher salary, but he carefully considered the entire compensation package and successfully negotiated additional vacation days and a flexible work arrangement, which closed the gap between the two offers.Lesson Consider the full picture. Sean didnt base his decision on salary alone. He took the time to evaluate the entire package, and then negotiated wisely in regard to additional perks and benefits.Read our deutsche post dhl on six key questions to consi der when negotiating salary.